Pet Odor Removal

We love our pets. But’s let’s be honest. They can cause some serious issues in the house. Whether it’s that adorable puppy that just can’t get the hang of potty training or your faithful companion who can’t make it outside every time, accidents happen. It’s when you let the odors hang around that it becomes a real problem.

Don’t let pet odor interfere with your life. You should be playing on the floor with your pets and inviting people over to your house without worrying for a second about “that smell” from your carpet or rugs.

We offer a wide range of services that will get your carpet or rugs smelling fresh and clean. Our standard pet treatment includes…

  • Pre-treatment/enzyme disinfectant: We use a urine stain remover and enzyme disinfectant to pre-treat your flooring. The use of an enzyme is crucial. Both dog and cat urine contains uric acid. The vast majority of typical household cleaners are not able to breakdown uric acid, so when you clean up after your pet, you are probably removing most of the other urine components, but the uric acid isn’t going anywhere. When exposed to humidity, the uric acid salts cause uric acid crystals to reform. This releases the smell again, and even if it’s undetectable to your nose, your pet’s more sensitive nose can likely smell it. If you’re having trouble with a pet using the same area to relieve himself, and you’ve consulted a veterinarian to rule out possible health issues, you’re probably dealing with the leftover uric acid reminding him that this is his potty spot!
  • Steam cleaning: Steam extraction with detergent, with portable equipment and/or truck mount systems is performed. This process will remove most stains and detergents, which will leave your carpet looking bright, smelling fresh, and feeling clean.
  • Aftercare services

If we really need to pull out the big guns, we also offer steam cleaning for both sides of the carpet and pad replacement.

Check out our price list or request a free personalized quote! If you need our help asap, we will work quickly to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

Remember, our technicians are insured and bonded, and we offer a 10-day, no hassle guarantee on our services!